Social Media is where it's at!

Our Facebook group is your first port of call to network with the members of the UKOT.

We have over 200 members that are all linked up and active on our Facebook group.


We have regular group events, which include..


*Self promotion Friday


*Where has the UKOT been?


*Market Day 

All designed to help you network in the UK Outdoor Trade.

Members need to be invited or answer a few questions to join.

The UKOT Twitter account is there to help you get your tweets seen by the outdoor trade.

Simple tag our account into your tweets and we will decide if we can retweet you to the Outdoor Trade.

Please make sure that your tweet is beneficial to the trade and not aimed at the general public to receive a retweet to the correct people.

If your tweet is about your product or about your brand or even your retail store, then that is good.

If it is about your 30% discount offer then it's not.

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